Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Thankful list

1. I'm thankful for a wonderful girls night out five course meal by my father-in-law. What a treat for all us ladies.

2. I'm thankful for a wonderful weekend helping get all the schulte girls makeup done. What a fun day for me and lindsey to be able to help out on their special day.

3. I am thankful for 9 years of marriage to chad this past week. So neat to attend a wedding this weekend and the song at our wedding was played at the schulte wedding. I had lots of tears going as it was a sweet reminder of my special day as well. Not the typical wedding song so that was special.

4. For some great workouts this week.

5. That is rained lots so I wouldn't have to spend lots of time watering all my flowers.

6. For a fun Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. What a fun week it was.. so much to do.

7. For Lindsey pretending to be a teacher in the van with some older kids and me enjoying her funniness.

8. The A/C. off all week.

9. Chad home lots and us accomplishing a big project of cleaning the basement together and getting rid of lots of stuff.

10. For all the fun text from you all.

11. My new bible study with lots of neat ladies this summer.

12. For a cool prayer I prayed on a run and me thinking it couldn't be answered right away and then it was answered on the run by a person who stopped me. Wow, that's about all I can say.

13. I am thankful for my family, for days we get to sleep in and that is so much fun.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am thankful for...

1. I am thankful that school is out. I have really enjoyed the all the kids home from school and having conversations with Lindsey and the neighbor kids. I've had so much fun learning from them and really feel blessed to live where we live and who we live by.

2. I am thankful for sweet reminders of God's grace from my children.

3. I am thankful I have been married to Chad for 9 years on Wednesday! I grow to love him more and more. I am so thankful he is just mr. right for me.

4. I am thankful for all the free perennial flowers I've received. What a wonderful treat. Took over 4 hours to plant them all and it was so worth it! I still have some work to do to find some a little home in my yard.

5. I am thankful for my morning doves, cardinal pair, and all the little chickadees and finches that find a home in our backyard. My kids now know their birds.

6. I am thankful for simple summer days of playing checkers, board games and all the Nintendo DS' turned off!

7. I am thankful for free lunches at the high school for the kids.

8. I am thankful for friends and how each friend is such a gift to me.

9. I am thankful for spending great time with 3 different couple friends! I am thankful my husband is starting to be social.. Yippee! I am loving that!

10. For new recipes, paper plates, a/c, finding out a friend may be pregnant, planning stuff, a new women's study starting soon, a farmer's tan of my feet, not having the air on everyday, the TV off and kids playing all day with all the kids, slip n slides, did I mention planting flowers...

I am thankful for so much this week. I am so thankful for so many of you who confide in me and share your heart, your joys and even your pain this week. I am praying for you in all your circumstances.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Play day with some friends!

We enjoyed a play day with some friends the other day. This is their sweet park like playsets. It was so much fun. The rubber chips were super hot and drew enjoyed throwing them.

Watch out, crazy driver coming!

Lindsey had a blast riding this. Drew liked her driving it around too!

Can't beat the boys and frogs. Drew has a facination with frogs. We go to rand park pond lots now and watch all the frogs jump in the pond.

Drew not sure about this slide.

Laura and Me

My little princess
Hopefull we can have another play day with the boys and Laura again. We sure had fun and love to get out of the house.