Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snake man!

This is me holding some big boa. Isn't this what every good mom does for their kids.. hold a snake so they won't have too?

This snake really wanted to cuddle with me they said. I'm not much into cuddling snakes.. I do children and hubby. Mr. Snake kept trying to get close and coil up to me. I would of let it but I asked girl (katia) if the snake would bite.. she said just don't touch it's mouth. What does that mean... husband thinks I shouldn't of held snake just in case I died... not a very good thing to do since I have children.

Here the snake is... all trying to cuddle and stuff!

I was brave! Drew wants to hold it I think.

This is mr. snake man himself with his albino snake.

drew loved all the snakes

Thought this was a funny picture.

I wouldn't of wanted to see this big snake alive!

Drew really wanted to hold the snake by himself. Cracked me up!

Drew and Brandon enjoying their snake time with animal rings!

" You think we can hold this Brandon" ----Not

Drew's first chance to touch mr. snake

He's not getting on as a pet though. We will just go visit Ms. Dawn's house.

This is as close as lindsey wanted to get.

Can you believe these 2 are only 9 months apart?

t to

Taste and see Thursday

Taste and see is back!

Check Spelling

I have a yummy recipe for taste and see thursday. It is a favorite of mine.

It's a Ham and potato bake. It seems like we always have ham leftovers from the neighbors or my mom. This time it's leftover ham so I thought, why not make the potato bake. My husband calls it my "depression era cooking ". I tend to think of it as being resourceful with what you got.

Ham and Potato Bake
1 can cream of celery, chicken or mushroom. I like chicken have used all of the others though
1/2 to 3/4 c milk
4 c sliced potatoes ( i use mandolin slicer)
1 small onion ( I use slicer again)
Dash of pepper ( i use more than a dash)
1 c diced cooked ham
1 T butter
Combine soup, milk and pepper. In greased coated 2 qt casserole, arrange layers of potatoes, ham, onion and soup mixture. ( Be sure ham is covered to prevent drying.) Dot tip with butter. Sprinkle with paprika. Cover. Bake 375* for one hr. Uncover. Bake 15 more minutes or until potatoes are done. Makes 4 or more servings. Try topping grated cheddar cheese during the last 15 minutes.
Enjoy the comfort food like grandma use to make.

Here are the ingredients, I like to cook neat. It makes me feel like Rachel Ray or something!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kidz Rock Overnighter at the Camp!

Lindsey was getting into this game, she is starting to get aggressive.
Chad would be so proud of her Broomball skills :)

Jetta being so very brave

Andrew likes broom ball

Bring on the broom ball game

Faith and Lindsey being goalies

The girls dancing to the songs we sing at church. Leader Joy was having fun with them. I eventually joined in.

Amy, joy and me

The cool rock climbing wall

We had a wonderful reward trip for the kids who earned it last weekend. We got to stay at the camp in cool bunk beds. We had the rock climbing wall, crafts, gobs of food, music, board games, fingernail painting, broom ball and a cool indoor campfire. The indoor campfire was my favorite part. We sat around and all 20 kids plus leaders got to listen to the kids tell their favorite stories that mean lots to them in the bible.

Of course my friend dawn (children's minister) was so great at planning this whole trip and she led the talk in the campfire. I was blown away at what meant lots to them over this year and Lindsey really liked it and actually talked. I liked Dawn's idea for the kids when they can't sleep at night to do the ABC's in your head.
Not the kind where you say them but think of a story for A, ( Adam and Even) B, Barnabas, C Cain and Abel, D, David.... and on and on. The kids really liked doing that and it was so cool for me too. What a great idea. I just love Dawn.

So now Lindsey is ready to go to day camp this year after her debut at the camp. I'm excited for her to go for the day (not overnight) but to experience such a neat camp, and build memories that she can take with her for years to come.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kindergarten Family Tea

Lindsey , Corey, Jasmine, Colton, Savannah, Zach, Grace and Josh

May 15th we had our kindergarten tea at school. I remember my kindergarten tea we had when I was Lindsey's age. That was quite awhile ago, but I still do remember. I am glad to have some of the same memories that Lindsey is having some 20 plus years later, and especially as a mom. It was nice as the principal noticed that their was 4 of us former students in the audience, me being on of them for the tea, he of course was my principal when I was in kindergarten.

My friend Michelle and Lindsey's friend Corey

Papa and Drew enjoying all the goodies the kindergarten class made. They made mommy's favorite mints. In roses and flowers. They also made snicker doodles, and chocolate chip cookies. They have been working on this family tea for weeks. It was so neat to see all the kids use their very best manners to us all and seat us. It was so fun to see all the properness that they all had learned so very well from Mrs. Hanson.

Lindsey and Mommy taking our own picture!

This is the girls turn to say their lines

So glad Grandma and Pa could come!

Lindsey debuting her first solo. She did so good and I was beaming. She was super brave and something her mother would never do in front of lots of people. I still love the "Over in the meadow" I think I was tearing up at the first word of this.

Here is a cute poem they recited that I have heard lots over the last month. This was also what they sang in the talent show for the school for the other grades to hear.


When I started kindergarten
I couldn't have felt smaller.
But I've been growing, growing-
And not just growing taller! ( Lindsey has grown 3 inches this year since fall)

I've learned to read and learned to write:
I've learned my numbers, too,
And there are many other things
That I have learned to do.

Kindergarten's over now
But I am not afraid,
Because I know I'm ready
To enter the first grade!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st marriage proposal!

My sweet 6 year just turned down her first marriage proposal today. She was rather emotional like her mom because of it. First let me tell you the background of our day/ days. Lindsey had 5 hrs of sleep the night before. We had our first of many overnighter at the church camp in Illinois. She could not fall asleep, until she sleep with me (which btw she never does at home). So we shared a twin bed so very comfy (lol). So we sleep off and on all night. We then had our big dance recital later on that afternoon.

I know that's a lot of stuff for one little girl, but she earned the overnighter. The dance recital was fun, I'm no pageant mom who decorates their daughter like a christmas tree like some do, so I was okay with the whole dance/ overnighter thing. Lindsey did have to dance three dances though and I made sure to bring snacks. All went well and we enjoyed our day out to lunch with the other Campbell's, hair done by fabulous and thoughtful Angie and the dance performances were so cute and fun this year.

So after that we still had lots to do, a college graduation party and then a late cinco de mayo mexican night at some friends house. Melt down happened the first 10 minutes at our friends house. We have not had the kids together in awhile and well, the 5 year old boy told my Lindsey that "he liked her, and he wanted to marry her".

Lindsey comes to me in hysterical tears that she wants to go home, and is freaking out. The boys mom then about kills her son, thinking he did something to Lindsey. Lindsey then starts watching a movie and then tells me "Josh said something really really bad to me". I then assume it's some foul language. She then is worked up to crying again. **** keep in mind the whole sleep deprivation. I then walk away and she says "Wait mom, he said he liked me." I then replied he likes you as a friend. *** Crying some more now. I then listen. She says, " He said he wants to marry me". I am almost in full blown laughter at how sensitive she is, but remember, I am the mom and should be respectful. *** Lindsey is still crying like someone who took some drama classes. I then tell Josh's mom, she is relieved it's not any foul language/ attacking Lindsey. I eventually calmed Lindsey down with all I know i can do. I give her some chips and white cheese dip. She calms down and then had a wonderful evening.

So I guess she turned down her first proposal, Dad is relieved. Story gets funnier each time we tell it. Only told our friends husband and their neighbors who also joined our little party. But it was pretty funny!

I'm going to have to remember this when she is older, and tell it at her rehearsal dinner toast. (I hope that's like 20 years from now)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day confessions

Okay so I'm using an idea that I got from my friend Amy. I love her little list, so much I thought I'd copy the idea.

Random Mother's Day stuff

Here's my list from the year

1. I allowed my 2 year old drew to put quarters in our van cd player, ( I thought it was a cd) I was too busy texting my friend Donna nonsense drama and then Lindsey said he put money in it instead. He put in 7 coins not 2........ not a good thing to do.

2. I let my 2 year old take a nap with a ring pop once...

3. Several times I let my Drew stay stinky out in public, until we went home to change his diaper.

3. The dog has been known to be my vacuum in the van for all the kids crumbs.

4. I have used the inside of drew's shirt to clean his yucky nose... so gross I know

5. We all were so tired/ sick recently and Drew wasn't... he watched like so much television that he got sick of it and read books while we sleep... Ahhhh

6. I tell the kids to brush their buggies off their teeth. Drew really thinks he has bugs in his teeth now.

7. I also say we need to use sanitizer to get the buggies off.... kids really think we have bugs

8. Lindsey explained to the babysitter in actions what I do with dirty diapers... I put them in a bag, then throw them out the door. It was so funny.. kinda hickish but that's what you do when it's cold and not wanting to put it in the outdoor trash.

9. I painted Drew's toes and nails

10. I have made both kids cry by my disappointment in them. Puckered up faces...

11. At Wal-mart I've been known to open up more than one food item to make it through the store. I recently told friends that and the couldn't believe it.

I have enjoyed a fun filled year with my children. I love being a mom and a wife. Although both are so much work, there is so much joy in it. I hope you have enjoyed my list!



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taste and See Thursday....

*Today's recipe is a recipe for life:

***Say your prayers daily

***Love your family

*** Nuture those around you

***Always make people feel special

***If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right

***Find the positive no matter the circumstance

***Observe and treasure life daily

I think these are great reminders to keep in mind daily. What a treasure each new day is.

Enjoy your day,


Monday, May 4, 2009

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I am thankful for...

1. I am thankful I have no chocolate in the house..... only power jelly beans!

2. I am thankful that this is the busy week that I've been preparing for not only physically, but emotionally. Lots of "to dos" to do and finish up.

3. I am thankful this is teacher appreciation week and feel so blessed that we can send our daughter to a school that loves each kid like their own.

4. I'm thankful for a great 2 year old today and how he worked so hard to help me with a appreciation luncheon.

5. I'm thankful that Lindsey is feeling better and so is Chad.

6. I'm thankful I got to spend Friday afternoon with my friend Jill for lunch, then with my friend Donna the rest of the afternoon. What a fun filled friend afternoon. I like chad being home sick!

7. I'm thankful that the things I keep reading in my quiet time are being constant reminders throughout my day that God is at work.

8. For this half-marathon on Saturday morning......... looking forward to it and for completing that goal. I am so thankful, and feel blessed to have working legs and stuff that allows me to do that.

9. I am thankful for all my birds that are back... for the morning doves, cardinals, goldfinches, and the little grey finches and yes even those black birds.... because Drew gets so excited to see them.

10. I thankful for my flower friend Dawn and that she outspends me!

11. I'm thankful it's May, the grass is green, no dandelions in the yard and all my flowers are planted, and bushes are trimmed.