Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day confessions

Okay so I'm using an idea that I got from my friend Amy. I love her little list, so much I thought I'd copy the idea.

Random Mother's Day stuff

Here's my list from the year

1. I allowed my 2 year old drew to put quarters in our van cd player, ( I thought it was a cd) I was too busy texting my friend Donna nonsense drama and then Lindsey said he put money in it instead. He put in 7 coins not 2........ not a good thing to do.

2. I let my 2 year old take a nap with a ring pop once...

3. Several times I let my Drew stay stinky out in public, until we went home to change his diaper.

3. The dog has been known to be my vacuum in the van for all the kids crumbs.

4. I have used the inside of drew's shirt to clean his yucky nose... so gross I know

5. We all were so tired/ sick recently and Drew wasn't... he watched like so much television that he got sick of it and read books while we sleep... Ahhhh

6. I tell the kids to brush their buggies off their teeth. Drew really thinks he has bugs in his teeth now.

7. I also say we need to use sanitizer to get the buggies off.... kids really think we have bugs

8. Lindsey explained to the babysitter in actions what I do with dirty diapers... I put them in a bag, then throw them out the door. It was so funny.. kinda hickish but that's what you do when it's cold and not wanting to put it in the outdoor trash.

9. I painted Drew's toes and nails

10. I have made both kids cry by my disappointment in them. Puckered up faces...

11. At Wal-mart I've been known to open up more than one food item to make it through the store. I recently told friends that and the couldn't believe it.

I have enjoyed a fun filled year with my children. I love being a mom and a wife. Although both are so much work, there is so much joy in it. I hope you have enjoyed my list!




Jill said...

TARA, I love your confessions! How funny and honest ;) #11 made me laugh, I do that all the time. Who wants to listen to a whiney kid in Wal-Mart?! Not me!!

Love ya!

Alisha said...

These are too funny! I just wiped Gavin's nose with the inside of my shirt and then the inside of his shirt when we were at the park yesterday! If I have to have the kids at Wal-Mart, then we're food or candy that we have yet to pay for, PLUS we leave a trail of it all over the aisles! The boys have gotten sick of Dora and Diego after having to watch several episodes when Clint is too tired to help me out at night. By that time, I need a break and I figure it's not going to kill them once-in-a-while! I could go on and on!