Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taste and see Thursday

Taste and see is back!

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I have a yummy recipe for taste and see thursday. It is a favorite of mine.

It's a Ham and potato bake. It seems like we always have ham leftovers from the neighbors or my mom. This time it's leftover ham so I thought, why not make the potato bake. My husband calls it my "depression era cooking ". I tend to think of it as being resourceful with what you got.

Ham and Potato Bake
1 can cream of celery, chicken or mushroom. I like chicken have used all of the others though
1/2 to 3/4 c milk
4 c sliced potatoes ( i use mandolin slicer)
1 small onion ( I use slicer again)
Dash of pepper ( i use more than a dash)
1 c diced cooked ham
1 T butter
Combine soup, milk and pepper. In greased coated 2 qt casserole, arrange layers of potatoes, ham, onion and soup mixture. ( Be sure ham is covered to prevent drying.) Dot tip with butter. Sprinkle with paprika. Cover. Bake 375* for one hr. Uncover. Bake 15 more minutes or until potatoes are done. Makes 4 or more servings. Try topping grated cheddar cheese during the last 15 minutes.
Enjoy the comfort food like grandma use to make.

Here are the ingredients, I like to cook neat. It makes me feel like Rachel Ray or something!

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