Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kindergarten Family Tea

Lindsey , Corey, Jasmine, Colton, Savannah, Zach, Grace and Josh

May 15th we had our kindergarten tea at school. I remember my kindergarten tea we had when I was Lindsey's age. That was quite awhile ago, but I still do remember. I am glad to have some of the same memories that Lindsey is having some 20 plus years later, and especially as a mom. It was nice as the principal noticed that their was 4 of us former students in the audience, me being on of them for the tea, he of course was my principal when I was in kindergarten.

My friend Michelle and Lindsey's friend Corey

Papa and Drew enjoying all the goodies the kindergarten class made. They made mommy's favorite mints. In roses and flowers. They also made snicker doodles, and chocolate chip cookies. They have been working on this family tea for weeks. It was so neat to see all the kids use their very best manners to us all and seat us. It was so fun to see all the properness that they all had learned so very well from Mrs. Hanson.

Lindsey and Mommy taking our own picture!

This is the girls turn to say their lines

So glad Grandma and Pa could come!

Lindsey debuting her first solo. She did so good and I was beaming. She was super brave and something her mother would never do in front of lots of people. I still love the "Over in the meadow" I think I was tearing up at the first word of this.

Here is a cute poem they recited that I have heard lots over the last month. This was also what they sang in the talent show for the school for the other grades to hear.


When I started kindergarten
I couldn't have felt smaller.
But I've been growing, growing-
And not just growing taller! ( Lindsey has grown 3 inches this year since fall)

I've learned to read and learned to write:
I've learned my numbers, too,
And there are many other things
That I have learned to do.

Kindergarten's over now
But I am not afraid,
Because I know I'm ready
To enter the first grade!

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Emily said...

First things first...I love Lindsey's outfit. Too cute! Second, the tea sounds so neat. How fun for them to get to show off their good manners. I bet Mrs. Hanson in a fantastic teacher.