Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh I'm Thankful

Oh how I haven't blogged in forever... November 16th to be precise...
but I journal, facebook and have two little ones.

Today I'm thankful for:

Daily reminders I'm not alone, that I have family friends and a great God who meets my every need.

For snow melting so I can run outdoors

For Lindsey's doctor appointments


Encouraging blogs


New memories made with family over weekend


Everyday reminders, both verbal and written... that God is stirring in me a hunger and desire to know him better, "to grow in the grace and knowledge".

for my family

that I'm not the same person I was even six months ago....

The Unfailing love of God, that reminder seems to come up almost everyday in my psalms reading.

All of these to which I am really thankful for today!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Plastic sack

Today I found in my fridge a walmart sack. Not that big of a deal considering my husband packs his lunch in a plastic sack with his lunch in it because...

...he lost his lunch bag somehow. Hmmmmm not sure how that happened

or why

we don't just go out


buy a new one

Well we don't so the plastic sack works for him. So today I opened the fridge and Viola plastic sack, what was inside the plastic sack you ask.

No lunch

but i guess according to my husband we use plastic sacks to store our leftover onions. I guess it was a temporary fix he says until he looked for our zillion plastic Tupperware. Hmmmm men our funny!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am thankful for...

So it's not Sunday but I am thankful anyway

I am thankful for........

1. some down time in the middle of a busy scheduled week

2. My little Drew's prayers for other people and for thanking God for this day.. so sweet

3. For my morning boot camp exercise class and all the neat ladies there

4. For my wonderful husband understanding me... even if I don't always understand myself

5. For oxiclean getting out my Communion juice out of my nice Anne Taylor pants.. I spilled the entire cup on myself at church Sunday.

6. For a fun Friday football game even if we lost

7. The yummy fall smells out of my kitchen....

8. Wonderful friends that encourage me, inspire me, teach me and are great examples of Godly women.

9. wonderful gifts I've been blessed with.... it's not even my birthday. I am so thankful.

10. For fun children that come in and out of our doors daily.

11. For no plans days.... and for fun filled days that are back to back

12. For wonderful days at the park with friends

13. Kids organizing the house without being asked

14. My 4th grade boys and girls kidsrock group!!!!

15. For Mops and what an encouragement all moms are and can be!!!

I have so much more I could write, for my daily quiet time, my embarrassing stories that have happened lately, funny things my kids say, or husband says. I have so much so much so much to be thankful for... as the song goes...


Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's football season

Well it's that time of year again..................

the time where I'm the mom.....

the dog feeder

the plant waterer

the laundry person ( I'm always that)

the lawn care woman

the chef

the lunch maker

The mom who works from sun up to sun down, but loves almost every minute of it as this is my life and I love being a mom of two little sweet ones who bless my socks off every day. I love being a wife to a wonderful man who love me with unfailing, unconditional love. Even if this season is a tough one at moments, I love that God uses all these experiences to stretch me and grow me.

Thank goodness for WONDERFUL FRIENDS who help support me with hugs, walks, prayers and support. I love you all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I don't do.....and things I do do

Things I don't do..

I was thinking as I cruised around wal-mart tonight and this little random thought came to me. Okay things I don't do.....

1. I don't do mini skirts... I do wear a fancy dress or skirt every once in awhile only on fancy occasions.

2. I don't wear glasses, but wished i did so I'd look pretty tailored when I am all fancied up.

3. I don't wear any jewelry at home, only when I leave the home.

4. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with all those friends that have moved away, but I do get to spend quality time with some great ones here.

5. I don't get to spend lots of time with the husband at the dinner table, but I do get to eat 100 miles hours and get all the kids foods and drinks.

6. I don't do bikinis but I do do takinis

7. I don't do the Ipod, but I do love the mp3 player and my new touch screen.

8. I don't look good in purple or red, which happens to be our school color. I do wear purple during football season and red during Christmas only.

9. I don't do well with ticks, but I do well picking out good chick flicks

10. I don't do well with negative people, but like to attempt to cheer them up with sarcasm and my attempted wittiness.

11. I don't tell people enough how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I am truly thankful for all the precious people God has placed in my life.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm really alive

I haven't been in the bloggity blog land for well, a long time. I have been taking my blogcation and I think I may be back. He he, this is the part you laugh. I just love summer, although it takes me awhile to get use to the change from spring, I warm up to the season well. I love to warm up to the things like homemade ice cream, Popsicles, fun days at the pool where you get some color on the pasty white legs. I love the crickets and how they sing at night to me with the windows open. That brings me to the best part of summer: fun with the family, all my perennials coming back, air conditioning. Cool mornings to go exercise, not really cooking lots but grilling a bunch. I love to walk barefoot in the grass, be sporadic, not be so scheduled.

Things I'm looking forward to this coming Fall: routine of knowing what we are doing most of the time, my husband on a routine :), School resuming and all the fun with back to school beginnings. For MOPS starting up again, Foot ball Fridays and cool weather. Sweatshirts, Sweet fall candle scents, Wednesday night church starting.

I'm loving each season I'm in... and don't want to rush to the next. I do like to look forward to something though!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Thankful list

1. I'm thankful for a wonderful girls night out five course meal by my father-in-law. What a treat for all us ladies.

2. I'm thankful for a wonderful weekend helping get all the schulte girls makeup done. What a fun day for me and lindsey to be able to help out on their special day.

3. I am thankful for 9 years of marriage to chad this past week. So neat to attend a wedding this weekend and the song at our wedding was played at the schulte wedding. I had lots of tears going as it was a sweet reminder of my special day as well. Not the typical wedding song so that was special.

4. For some great workouts this week.

5. That is rained lots so I wouldn't have to spend lots of time watering all my flowers.

6. For a fun Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. What a fun week it was.. so much to do.

7. For Lindsey pretending to be a teacher in the van with some older kids and me enjoying her funniness.

8. The A/C. off all week.

9. Chad home lots and us accomplishing a big project of cleaning the basement together and getting rid of lots of stuff.

10. For all the fun text from you all.

11. My new bible study with lots of neat ladies this summer.

12. For a cool prayer I prayed on a run and me thinking it couldn't be answered right away and then it was answered on the run by a person who stopped me. Wow, that's about all I can say.

13. I am thankful for my family, for days we get to sleep in and that is so much fun.