Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Thankful list

1. I'm thankful for a wonderful girls night out five course meal by my father-in-law. What a treat for all us ladies.

2. I'm thankful for a wonderful weekend helping get all the schulte girls makeup done. What a fun day for me and lindsey to be able to help out on their special day.

3. I am thankful for 9 years of marriage to chad this past week. So neat to attend a wedding this weekend and the song at our wedding was played at the schulte wedding. I had lots of tears going as it was a sweet reminder of my special day as well. Not the typical wedding song so that was special.

4. For some great workouts this week.

5. That is rained lots so I wouldn't have to spend lots of time watering all my flowers.

6. For a fun Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. What a fun week it was.. so much to do.

7. For Lindsey pretending to be a teacher in the van with some older kids and me enjoying her funniness.

8. The A/C. off all week.

9. Chad home lots and us accomplishing a big project of cleaning the basement together and getting rid of lots of stuff.

10. For all the fun text from you all.

11. My new bible study with lots of neat ladies this summer.

12. For a cool prayer I prayed on a run and me thinking it couldn't be answered right away and then it was answered on the run by a person who stopped me. Wow, that's about all I can say.

13. I am thankful for my family, for days we get to sleep in and that is so much fun.



Debra said...

Very neat list. I was so sad, I was wanting to make it to Rachel's wedding. I thought it was another weekend and missed it. I can see it was beautiful and she made a beautiful bride on your facebook. I enjoyed your thankful list.


Anonymous said...

Girls night out was FUN! Roger is so wonderful to do that for us!
The picture makes me realize that it is a good thing that boot camp is coming up... LOL


Amy Storms said...

Hi, Tara-
Thanks for stopping by the blog. Laundry stinks! :)

Happy anniversary! And what Bible study are you doing this summer?