Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I don't do.....and things I do do

Things I don't do..

I was thinking as I cruised around wal-mart tonight and this little random thought came to me. Okay things I don't do.....

1. I don't do mini skirts... I do wear a fancy dress or skirt every once in awhile only on fancy occasions.

2. I don't wear glasses, but wished i did so I'd look pretty tailored when I am all fancied up.

3. I don't wear any jewelry at home, only when I leave the home.

4. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with all those friends that have moved away, but I do get to spend quality time with some great ones here.

5. I don't get to spend lots of time with the husband at the dinner table, but I do get to eat 100 miles hours and get all the kids foods and drinks.

6. I don't do bikinis but I do do takinis

7. I don't do the Ipod, but I do love the mp3 player and my new touch screen.

8. I don't look good in purple or red, which happens to be our school color. I do wear purple during football season and red during Christmas only.

9. I don't do well with ticks, but I do well picking out good chick flicks

10. I don't do well with negative people, but like to attempt to cheer them up with sarcasm and my attempted wittiness.

11. I don't tell people enough how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I am truly thankful for all the precious people God has placed in my life.

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Emily said...

You do bring a smile to my face when I read your blog! That should be on the list.