Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am thankful for...

So it's not Sunday but I am thankful anyway

I am thankful for........

1. some down time in the middle of a busy scheduled week

2. My little Drew's prayers for other people and for thanking God for this day.. so sweet

3. For my morning boot camp exercise class and all the neat ladies there

4. For my wonderful husband understanding me... even if I don't always understand myself

5. For oxiclean getting out my Communion juice out of my nice Anne Taylor pants.. I spilled the entire cup on myself at church Sunday.

6. For a fun Friday football game even if we lost

7. The yummy fall smells out of my kitchen....

8. Wonderful friends that encourage me, inspire me, teach me and are great examples of Godly women.

9. wonderful gifts I've been blessed with.... it's not even my birthday. I am so thankful.

10. For fun children that come in and out of our doors daily.

11. For no plans days.... and for fun filled days that are back to back

12. For wonderful days at the park with friends

13. Kids organizing the house without being asked

14. My 4th grade boys and girls kidsrock group!!!!

15. For Mops and what an encouragement all moms are and can be!!!

I have so much more I could write, for my daily quiet time, my embarrassing stories that have happened lately, funny things my kids say, or husband says. I have so much so much so much to be thankful for... as the song goes...


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