Monday, November 16, 2009

Plastic sack

Today I found in my fridge a walmart sack. Not that big of a deal considering my husband packs his lunch in a plastic sack with his lunch in it because...

...he lost his lunch bag somehow. Hmmmmm not sure how that happened

or why

we don't just go out


buy a new one

Well we don't so the plastic sack works for him. So today I opened the fridge and Viola plastic sack, what was inside the plastic sack you ask.

No lunch

but i guess according to my husband we use plastic sacks to store our leftover onions. I guess it was a temporary fix he says until he looked for our zillion plastic Tupperware. Hmmmm men our funny!

1 comment:

Freddae' said...

oh my husband does that all the time and he's a chef. Blows my mind. MEN! :-P Gotta love 'em.