Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st marriage proposal!

My sweet 6 year just turned down her first marriage proposal today. She was rather emotional like her mom because of it. First let me tell you the background of our day/ days. Lindsey had 5 hrs of sleep the night before. We had our first of many overnighter at the church camp in Illinois. She could not fall asleep, until she sleep with me (which btw she never does at home). So we shared a twin bed so very comfy (lol). So we sleep off and on all night. We then had our big dance recital later on that afternoon.

I know that's a lot of stuff for one little girl, but she earned the overnighter. The dance recital was fun, I'm no pageant mom who decorates their daughter like a christmas tree like some do, so I was okay with the whole dance/ overnighter thing. Lindsey did have to dance three dances though and I made sure to bring snacks. All went well and we enjoyed our day out to lunch with the other Campbell's, hair done by fabulous and thoughtful Angie and the dance performances were so cute and fun this year.

So after that we still had lots to do, a college graduation party and then a late cinco de mayo mexican night at some friends house. Melt down happened the first 10 minutes at our friends house. We have not had the kids together in awhile and well, the 5 year old boy told my Lindsey that "he liked her, and he wanted to marry her".

Lindsey comes to me in hysterical tears that she wants to go home, and is freaking out. The boys mom then about kills her son, thinking he did something to Lindsey. Lindsey then starts watching a movie and then tells me "Josh said something really really bad to me". I then assume it's some foul language. She then is worked up to crying again. **** keep in mind the whole sleep deprivation. I then walk away and she says "Wait mom, he said he liked me." I then replied he likes you as a friend. *** Crying some more now. I then listen. She says, " He said he wants to marry me". I am almost in full blown laughter at how sensitive she is, but remember, I am the mom and should be respectful. *** Lindsey is still crying like someone who took some drama classes. I then tell Josh's mom, she is relieved it's not any foul language/ attacking Lindsey. I eventually calmed Lindsey down with all I know i can do. I give her some chips and white cheese dip. She calms down and then had a wonderful evening.

So I guess she turned down her first proposal, Dad is relieved. Story gets funnier each time we tell it. Only told our friends husband and their neighbors who also joined our little party. But it was pretty funny!

I'm going to have to remember this when she is older, and tell it at her rehearsal dinner toast. (I hope that's like 20 years from now)


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Emily said...

Oh, wow! That is hilarious, but isn't Lindsey's reaction so sweet?! Do you think she actually thought it was possible that she would have to get married? Poor thing. Well, as you said, it's a great story that can be retold for years to come. The dance recital sounds really fun! I wish we had access to dance classes.