Friday, August 22, 2008

Mom has survived the first week of Kindergarten

Well It's Friday, I have survived the entire week as a kindergarten mom... and yes, Lindsey has done great also. I think she is ready for the break from school, plus we have time to go visit Grandma and Papa and the puppies of course, a birthday party, hair cuts for Lindsey and Drew. I am bringing a sucker or something for Mr. Drew during this haircut. Lindsey always loves the whole haircut process, the wash, the chair, the cut (that is unless the hairdresser accidentally uses scissors instead of thining shears) THankfully that only happened once. Well back to the hairdresser thing.. I get so off track. She loves at the end when Angie asks if she wants her hair braided and lets her pick out the colors of the rubberbands.

Hoping to relax this weekend, Chad has football football football. I don't. Lindsey is having Morgan over today and I think I am going to start a tradition, that on Fridays friends can come over or she could go somewhere.

Here is our schedule for Fall; Mondays nothing right now, Tuesdays starting in September, dance/tumbling from 5:30-7p.m. Drew has preschool (2year old class 9-11) Then I have P.E.O mtn 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7! Yikes. Wednesdays kids rock at church and I am watching the Ralph kids starting in September. Thursdays library for Drew or Tri-State Women's Connection/ Prayer Breakfast. That leads to Friday, which is Mops at Farris, Il 2nd and 4th friday, and Chief Football games. Lindsey also really wants to play Soccer, so who knows what days those practices are, but she talks about it all the time, plus its a chance to be with all her friends from preschool and time for me to walk with Drew. She has informed me i have to walk I cannot watch her practice or go to the games. That is cracking me up!

I am sure worn out by thinking about all we do, but we also have lots of down time and if things get to much, we won't do them. That's what I love about be the family mangager of our family, we decide and hopefully make wise choices for our family.

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Emily said...

You sure do have a busy schedule. I love your attitude about it though. If you don't want to do an activity...don't do it. That's how I feel too. Let kids be kids and not force them to do 15 activities that they don't really want to do.