Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wow, today i was overcome with emotions. I should like change, it's usually new, exciting, but today i don't. First of all, I had a great last weekend of summer.. busy with drew's 2nd birthday, his party and of course getting my lessons ready for sunday and then packing to leave for des moines. Wow, what a weekend! It was so great to see Kritter & Regina and "baby Reece" as lindsey says, also to see regina's cute little bump of the new little hayes arriving in January! Then to go see my close friends from OCC, Kari and Ali and their kids was fun. Never enough time with the ones u love. I really miss them and our friendship. Anyways, back to the change thing. I really thought i'd be okay with this kindergarten thing and then boom all the sudden change is all over the place. My family schedule changed as chad is working 12-14hr days with football camp and then just the little things like change in our cable and i know that is so stupid but it all hit at the same time. Everything i thought i knew changed, really it probably didn't.. i just have to let go of the big word called Control.

Wow that is hard to do when you are a first born like me and like order and routine. I am ready for a schedule.. just on my terms ya know! Ha anyways I love my Lindsey and I am ready to see all her new things she discovers this year and see her change, even if that means mom has some tears.

They love ring pops... i stocked up on ring pops at Sam's! Bad idea, every kid in the neighborhood would come for miles... okay not miles but yards to eat those sugar filled candy!

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