Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My New Workbench

I love to play with my new workbench. I am hoping Drew will learn to fix things unlike his parents! Drew loves to use the drill and hammer the best. Lindsey and I have fun assembling the work basket thing. I have to say I am new to fixing things and had to read/ look at the picture to put it together. Drew is enjoying have one on one time with Mommy while sissy is at school. I often ask drew where sissy is and he usually starts off saying " i do do don't know", then he changes quickly and says "scool" for school. Gotta love 2 year old language! I just love every stage both him and Lindsey are at right now. I think the only thing that makes me sad is that they are growing up!

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Emily said...

I'm sure Drew is really enjoying having you all to himself. He's probably pretty excited when sis gets home too.