Friday, December 19, 2008

35 things to be grateful

35 Things to be grateful for all year long

I got this from Good Housekeeping... I thought I'd pass it along. I changed a few or added my own comments to some ( of course... because you love my thoughts).

  1. Mistletoe ( and my husband under it)
  2. The holiday dress that still fits- too bad I don't have one
  3. Friends who are like family- I love you all
  4. Men who still open doors
  5. Online shopping
  6. Finding the perfect gift for a picky relative
  7. Waking up to snow
  8. A bank of poinsettias- not sure what a bank is..
  9. Logs crackling, gift wrap crinkling
  10. A lighted tree in a darkened room
  11. Baking cookies for Santa
  12. A babysitter you can trust... Amen to that one
  13. The family member who snaps photos at big event-and gives you prints.. thank you friends you do that.
  14. Hand-knit anything
  15. Nights so clear you can see tons of stars
  16. Taking a nap, then wrapping presents until 2:00 a.m.
  17. Gift givers who include batteries- grandparents are good at this one not me!
  18. All our soldiers, at home and far away- we love you
  19. Adding a leaf to the table for new family members
  20. Clear directions from a stranger when you're lost- Got the GPS baby...
  21. Express lanes
  22. Having the row all toe yourself on an airplane, or for us mommies- having the bathroom all to ourselves without your children
  23. A hubby who warms up the car for you
  24. A haircut that's truly wash-and go
  25. Cute shoes that don't hurt your feet- makes me miss my chacos
  26. Babies when they're babbling
  27. Teens when they feel like talking- I think my neighbor girl talks a mile a minute when she does this
  28. Our 9pm candlelight ceremony on Christmas Eve, it's so wonderful
  29. A sweet glance from your husband that no one else sees, my husband is wonderful at this and I love him so so so so much!!!!
  30. The recipe for your mom's pecan pie- in my case my mom's chocolate thin cake
  31. Knowing you watch It's a Wonderful Life any day this month
  32. Having everyone home for the holidays
  33. The luxury of few moments alone
  34. A prayer, answered
  35. Jesus of course, He's the reason for the Season

Hope you enjoyed this little list. If you have some things you are grateful for please post. Remember I love to hear some feedback.


Debra said...

I think this is a wonderful list and I am going to go off and post my grateful list on my blog. I am thankful for the Christian family and friends that I have and for those things like blogs and facebook that keeps us in touch and accountable.

Hugs and Merry Christmas.


Jill said...

Great list Tara! I am thankful for electricity, we have bbeen w/out for most of the day. Brandon didn't even know what to do with himself! LOL!

Runningmama said...

And my grandma's chocolate pie recipe... ;-)

Eskai said...

Hi Tara! Mike said he remembers you :-) I've chopped my hair off and lost some weight since college so I can understand why you might not be able to place my face. Plus, I was at OCC from '97-'01 so he and I were only at Ozark at the same time for 2 years. Funny that you know Emily! She and I both went to Deaf Missions in Iowa for our degress back in the spring of '99 then ran into each other again on Facebook. Did you know Jenny Hauser/Samuels too? She was there there the same spring Emily and I were. Jenny and I also spent two summers in Illinios as camp counselors. Small world :-)