Monday, December 15, 2008

The Real Polar Express

We went to the Polar express in Mt. Pleasant, Ia a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures from all the fun we had. In this picture Lindsey is getting a tattoo from the ice princess.

The Hopper crew enjoying the best hot cocoa and cookies from Santa.

The Campbell boys enjoying the magic of the Polar express train ride.

Drew was really happy to see Santa... not sure why this pictures looks the opposite but he got his bell from him and kept telling Santa he wanted a Thomas. It was cute to see him see on his lap. He of course had his big sister and cousins go first and then he joined right in. I think when Lindsey was his age she just cried, she was way too scared.

Drew telling Santa he likes trains

Lindsey told Santa she'd like ice skates, as we have taught her not to ask for lots of things. Mr. Santa then keep asking "So what else do you want?", So Lindsey thought well I better tell him, she then told him she'd like "a Wii". That was a funny moment. You asked Santa... thanks
Waiting to see Santa.

Gunner and Grandma Vian enjoying the North Pole festivities in the warm craft room. I think Vian is hiding from the camera... maybe too shy she might make my blog!

My good friend Alisha and her little one Gavin making crafts. Bless her heart she's 9 months pregnant here and says this is her last outing before the baby comes.

Lindsey's craft ornament she made.

Brrr it's cold in this train...

Me and my precious little Lindsey. We all had a great time and I look forward to it next year. Although I think Chad is pretty much Polar expressed out since we went two years in a row. So someone else will have to join me next year.


Debra said...

Beautiful pictures and let Vian she needs to show of with that grandchild of hers. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the post on my blog. You are a gem also.

Alisha said...

Great pictures, Tara! Yours are much clearer than mine! Chad can stay home with Clint next year and you and I can brave it together! Hope you stay safe and warm in this snow we're supposed to get!

Deb said...

This looks like so much fun! I hadn't heard of this until your blog...which BTW I got from the Doolins blog. HOpe that's okay. We will have to take Riley next year. Merry Christmas! ;-)

Kacie said...

Tara, thanks so much for your sweet comments on our blog...I am very ready to have this baby I think! My tutor reminded me yesterday that as soon as I have him everything is going to change and be difficult in new ways- so that's good to keep in mind :) Our address here in Japan is:
JAPAN 444-0832
Aichi-Ken, Okazaki-shi
Hanehigashimachi 1-2-1
The Yamasa Inst
Luke and Kacie Chase
I don't think I need a baby carrier- I asked for a sling for Christmas from my parents so I think they got me one. But thanks so much for offering! Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Emily said...

What fun! I saw parts of it on Alisha's blog as well. Looks like a good time, but BRRR!