Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun things I like...

Okay so I'm into smelly things. Things that smell good not bad. One of my ultimate favorites is Creamy Carmel wallflower plug ins from bath and body. I just stocked up on some as they were on sale over the Thanksgiving holiday. Normally they are 2 for 2o bucks. I got them for 5 dollars a piece. Yeah!

Some little snacks I love are 1. I love Ocean Spray Craisins, they are so sweet and really good. Not a bad snack for you as if you eat 1/3 cup of these it equals one serving of fruit. I like to put these in my yucky kashi oatmeal I bought. I am making myself eat it till its gone, then never again buying that healthy oatmeal.

I love Propel fit powder, you add this little packet to a bottle of water and it tastes so good. It has vitamin C, B6, B12, Niacin and something else that I do not know what it is. I buy this and make my own with bottled water to save money. You can also buy it already made. My kids love to mix and shake up the bottle. This is a special treat for the kids at our house.

Next on my list of snacks, etc. is Special K protein bars. The come in lots of different varieties and my fav is the chocolate peanut butter. Great thing to have on hand so you aren't snacking on unhealthy stuff., or skipping meals. I get these really for chad as he tends to leave so early in the morning, then at least he's not missing a meal.

While we are on a snacky kick I just found this trail mix I love... so does my hubby. It's Planters Trail Mix. It is called Energy Mix. These too are fun because they are packed in a box of 5. As a mom I need lots of energy so once and awhile I will choose this. I have lately been using this as a treat to myself.
Another Nut I love is Almonds, what I try to do is portion up 1 oz packets myself of almonds. I then put them all over like diaper bags, car, and house for snacking. I'm sorta on a nut kick right now and think I could live off them.

As for something I could not live without is the Steamfresh vegetables. Drew is a big vegetable eater and I love them, quick easy, cheap and great steamed veggies in like 5 minutes. We live off the sweet corn and peas.

So what do you like or can't live without?
Guess my list is all about smell good house and food this time.

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Alisha said...

You're a health nut! I love it! I forgot to tell you that they were all out of the creamy caramel oils you wanted! Sorry! They didn't have them in the Plug-Ins, either. I got Pumpkin Spice but haven't tried it out yet. I will have to try making my own Propel b/c like you, I'm too cheap to buy it in the bottles. Gavin is really into drinking out of water bottles right now so I know he'd love to make it turn colors! Fun! I would have to trade in your craisins, almonds, and Special K bars for Stan's creme horns, Dale and Thomas Peanut Butter and White Chocolate DrizzleCorn, sugar cookies, pecan pie, and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits. I guess I could do the almonds if they were dipped in cinnamon and sugar! :-)