Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Running Updates!

11 more weeks till the 1/2 marathon. Doesn't really seem possible that the time has just flown by and yet I'm loving this journey of it all.
Yes it is hard work, but it's so rewarding. I'm probably more excited what this journey is doing to my heart, and my time management skills, Oh don't be suprised I still get off task often but all the important things get done, and the not so important on tara's to do list don't get done.

Here are the one's I just can't keep up on:
  1. LAUNDRY...BTW when you use all caps on the internet it's like talking real loud to get the point across...lol. Laugh now good people!!
  2. Those upset with me because I haven't called them back
  3. Papers around the house... can't seem to throw them out, but really not sure I'll ever use them.
  4. T.V. shows, I dvr them all like 3 of them, yet only catch up on them here and there. I do watch idol though on the dvr.
  5. My journal, I love it and planning on going back to it after my bible study ends in a few weeks.
  6. Ironing and organizing.
  7. Deep cleaning
  8. Taking the dog out
  9. Recycling.. it's so out of control

Here's the one's I do keep up on:

  1. My blog here and there.
  2. Facebook and email... I'm thinking I need to limit it...I just get sucked in like a old lady watching her soap operas.
  3. Text messenging
  4. My running schedule and weight training
  5. Suppers I'm pretty good at that
  6. knowing when I need to spend time with God, and not get caught up in this world.. what a refreshing part of my day...
  7. My family and friends.... I love you all.
  8. The dishes

1 comment:

Jill said...

You GO GIRL!!!
I can totally relate on the things unable to keep up with #1 & #3 always seem to be a problem at my house as well!

Love ya!