Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gizmos and favorite things

Because I am a sucker.... I tend to love things that make life a little bit easier. You know like Pampered Chef.. I love their stuff. ( I recently had a friend tell me why would anyone need that stuff) Sorry I'm a fan.

Okay so I'm wondering about the little Pedi Egg you see on the infomercials.. anyone have one.? I have like the worst calloused feet all the time. Not only that I have some bunionettes and feet issues in which the podiatrist would like to operate on..not just one but both. I found this out 6 years ago but cannot be tied up for 6wks so I'm saying "No, Mr. Foot doctor". So because of my feet issues I cannot wear all those pretty little stilettos and stuff, not that I want to because really when it comes down to it I'm a jeans and tennis shoe girl.

That leads me to one of my favorite things..... Adidas Supernovas. If you like to be comfy wumfy and even remotely like to exercise these are the shoes for you. Now if you like colors you will go for some fun ones like I latest ones are pink, last pair was orange... I have a thing with colors. I'm thinking my next pair will be some kelly green color.

Okay so as I think about my other favorite things it must be things that are simple like Aveeno baby lotion. I love the way it makes my children and my skin so soft. It doesn't smell so on the smell factor I give it a 1.5. So if you like to have smooth skin ,put it on first after you shower. You do shower right? Then you put on another lotion on top of that if you have more than 2.2 minutes to spare. So I then put on some great bath and body lotion on top of that.

My next favorite thing is my Mary Kay perfume Bella Bellara, just thinking about it made me go right now and put some on. It's one of those great perfumes that isn't too much and you won't make others cough or sneeze if they are around you.

My next favorite thing is back to exercising clothes everyone must have. Okay you if you fidget with your pants when you exercise like I do then I have a product for you. iQPEARLiZUMi running tights are the best thing since the modern invention of sliced bread.Great thing about it is it's made in the USA. These tights always stay in the places they are suppose to be. The have a nice soft elastic at the ankles and at the top. Their is a small pocket in the back by the tag for like a gel or something if you are real serious runner. I only have one pair and I have to wash them lots and I then hang to dry as I want them to stay nice forever. So I am asking for another pair for Christmas !!

Okay so I guess I'm going to have to do this little favorite things list a little bit more as I had fun doing it and I had like 40 other things I could of put on here but didn't want to make this a term paper for you all to read. If there is something you cannot live without or some fun snack/thing please post... love to see it hear it ya know!


Heather said...

You are going to die! I have a Ped Egg! I have to admit, I've never used it, but you're more than welcome to try it!

Jill said...

I do not have a pedi egg but I so want to try it out!

Runningmama said...

Oh I do understand feet issues. Right now I am missing a toenail. I think it is from my running shoes rubbing on it weird, but the jury is still out.

I have Pearl Izumi biking shorts and they ROCK!!!!

Debra said...

Ok I love the list. You are to funny. I have to think on what I like but right now my brain is frozen, might be my age.

Hugs and I don't have a ped egg either but have seen them at Walmart and thought about buying one.

Emily said...

I have a Ped Egg and use it. I think it's great, but I don't have horrible feet. We sell them at the pharmacy I work at, and by the time I got my discount it was only $7.00. I decided that was cheap enough to at least try it. Anyway, I use it maybe once a week, then put on my Aquaphilic lotion with socks before bed. It really does make a difference for me. Maybe Santa can get you one this year!

Disco Mom said...

My kids told me I need a Pedi Egg. Maybe that should tell me something!

much2ponder said...

Ok, just looked up the Adidas Supernovas and they sure look nice,but are a bit pricey. I love Adidas workout clothing, just bought some and wondered if I needed to trade in my Nikes for a pair of Adidas because it just wouldn't be right to be all decked out in Adidas and then put on a pair of Nike runners, right?

Alisha said...

Whoa, this is scary! I was just in the shower thinking that I needed to re-post my list of 50 things about me (that really should have been titled 50 things I love) that I completed back about two years ago when I started blogging. Then, I check your blog and look what I see! I found Heather's blog through her comment and just told her how I'm such a sucker for home party products. I wanted so bad to slap down $200 tonight for the ultimate package! I'm sure my skin needs it! I'll have to check out the shoes and running gear you listed when I start training for that marathon! :-)