Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I'm thankful for

1. I am so thankful this week that I have a Savior that loves me despite all my moods, ( good and bad) and that I He is always there 24/7.

2. For Lindsey's Thanksgiving music reminding me "What are you thankful for?" She then tells me and vice versa for the day.

3. That Chad's football season and college class is over now.. We can have family time now on the weekends.

4. For loyal friends that you can just be yourself with

5. For the beautiful sunrise with beautiful hues of purple and pink rippled in the clouds. I loved that surprise as I left the Y early in the morning.

6. Our Veterans, and our freedom.

7. That you stopped by and read my little list. May it be a small reflection of my heart this week.

So what are you thankful for... pleas post... I love comments!


Emily said...

I am thankful for nasal aspirators, Vicks vapor rub, tissues with lotion, cool mist humidifiers, and that I can stay home with my sick kiddos and not worry about missing work! Ok, my list is way longer than that, but that's just what's on my mind at the moment! :-)

Debra said...

I love your list Tara and so appreciate all you have to be thankful for.

Emily, I know what you mean, I started working at the school this year and everytime Hope even looks like she is sick, I think about how I was always able to be home for the other children.

Hugs to you
Debra and Hope

Alisha said...

I am thankful for the upcoming hunting season so my husband can get out and do something he loves and I can take a break at my parents and go shopping, my sister and nephew coming home for T-gving, 41 days or less until I meet my baby girl, low gas prices.

Vian said...

* I am SOOOOO thankful Joel and I were safe tonight when we hit a deer. THANK YOU GOD!!!!
* I am thankful we have insurance to help cover the damage.
* I am thankful for our good health (cold sore is finally healing).
* I am thankful for our nephew, a chiropractor, that can hopefully adjust my husband's back that is out.
* I am thankful for my family; especially my grandchildren that are the joy of my life!!!
* I, too, am thankful for our veterans/troops that have sacrificed so much so we can have freedom and safety.
* I am thankful we live in a country we can worship our God!!
* I am thankful for the new 4-lane to make my trip faster, less stressful driving to/from work.