Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I think I've become a farmer

Drew and Felicia on the combine at a farm in Nauvoo, Ill.

I've decided that I'm a green tractor girl! Drew was so excited to see all the tractors.. he squealed so much!

Drew got a ear of corn that didn't make it to to the combine.

Brandon on his little drive

I even got to ride the combine while drew and farmer lady drove. Felicia sat on my lap and loved it too. Drew kept wanting to turn the wheel, our farmer lady was so patient with Drew and told him he did a great job and that he could come back.

I like it!

This is my drew in yellow, Brandon and Chris Ralph. I watch the Ralph kids on Wednesdays and Jill (the mom) had a great idea to take the kids to see the big tractors. It was such a great morning, nice weather, a bit windy.

This is Lindsey and her friends from church on our way to the horse around farm. Lindsey earned this trip from Kids Rock, our church's Wednesday night program.

I helped Lindsey lead the horse (well I attempted to lead the horse) Mrs. Kircher was trying to tell me what to do, I tried but beauty ( horse's name) had her own agenda, she accidentally stepped on my toe also... ouch!!! Next time I'm not wearing my sandals, I wore them because the are so comfortable and with the weather being so great I'm not about to give them up yet.

Lindsey's horse kept kicking it's back legs to swat off a fly, she got really nervous and needed me to then come in the horse pen and help her.

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Alisha said...

Great pictures, especially with the combine! I bet Drew was really excited! Let me know if they ever need another woman to drive a tractor all day. I could use the peace and quiet! :-)