Thursday, November 20, 2008

Okay so I'm behind

So it's Thursday.... anyone remember what I do on Thursday? Okay so there is like one person who does and has asked me about it. Sorry I've been so busy and I'm fixing to put it up after the weekend. For all ya'll who don't know it's Taste and See Thursday where I put up a recipe.

Well I'm off to visit a friend tomorrow without the kiddos. I'm doing the turkey trot up in the north pole in the cold state of Iowa on Saturday. I'm excited to do it with a friend and just to get away and relax (kinda). Guess I won't be relaxing while I'm running in like 30 degree weather and running for like an hour or however long it takes me to run 4.96 miles (8k).

So all ya'll who read this say a prayer for us. I guess what I'm excited about is that I'm feeling like I did a few years ago. Sounds cheesy but like an athlete again. Let me explain. I am not doing this exercise thing just for outward appearance thing (although shedding my drew weight is fine with me) I love feeling like yes I can set a goal, and yes I can achieve it. And while I'm at it I can have great spiritual time doing this journey and meet some great people along the way.

It's a mindset, not a quick little fix until the next thing comes up. I'm not sure I'm making sense, but in my head/heart I am. I'm looking forward to the progress and even some trials this training is going to bring. I know the preparations are always much more sweeter than the actual race day at any event.

I'm hoping this lifestyle of setting goals will be something my kids will do at an early age, and maybe just maybe they will become lifelong learners and love trying new things.
So what are your goals? With the new year approaching why not try something new.

One thing I wanna try is a half-marathon, the next thing is cake decorating classes. I am thinking they both go well together as I can eat lots of cake because I am running my hiney off :)


Runningmama said...

You can SO DO A HALF!!! I am really proud of you for going for it. Eat cake! Eat cake! You will need the calories!!!

Emily said...

Tara, you are one amazing mama! I don't know how you do half of what you do. You inspire me. Maybe I'll pull out my running shoes again, too.