Monday, November 3, 2008

Lot of treats not much tricks

Lindsey and me at our church "Light the Night". The kids had so much fun.. of course every year for the past three years Lindsey wins a cake the very first time she plays the cake walk game. This year she picked mini cupcakes. It was fun, Mr. Drew even played by himself.

Mommy and Dragon Drew

My little sweet girl

My sweet little boy... he is in schock as we gave him the entire cotton candy.

Lindsey in the bounce house
Overall a great night, lots of fun, food and way to much candy at the bible trunk or treat. Wish Lindsey would of wore her princess cone hat.. only got one pic of it and it was so cute. It's on my neighbor's camera (of course). I found both their costumes at garage sales this year. I think they were pretty cute. At the end of the night Lindsey already started talking about what she wants to be next year...... a Keokuk cheerleader like Kaylee.

Drew went down the slide by himself!

Neighborhood kids
London the boxer, Drew the Dragon, Kaylee the Keokuk cheerleader and Lindsey the Princess

Okay so I love the shots from the back... they are so fun! This is Drew going "tick or tweet"

My princess and her lil sidekick dragon and Chad

Ah so sweet!

Overall we had a great night. Lots of fun had by all. I wish I could of got a picture of Lindsey with her princess cone hat on, my neighbor did so that's good. Lindsey and Drew were most excited for their new movies Grandma got them. Lindsey got her Barbie diamond castle and Drew got a Thomas movie, we loved the sugar cookies most that grandma gave us.. I could ditch all the Halloween candy and just live on sugar cookies.
Lindsey said the best thing of Halloween was her friends. I think I never saw her except to give me tickets she won. Lindsey won 10 tickets and bought a lollipop with it, she of course knew what everyone had for tickets and what they got. Isn't that funny how kids love to know what other kids get.


Alisha said...

The kids look adorable in their costumes! Wish I could have seen them in person! :-( What fantastic garage sale finds! I didn't get as good of deals as you, but we did get them half off since I waited until the last minute. :-)

Elizabeth said...

I am so happy you put the pictures on. Their costumes were very cute and it looked like they both really enjoyed Halloween.

Emily said...

Aww! Everyone looks pretty cute. Wasn't the weather great? By the way, I like to take pictures from behind too (just not of myself!). :-)

Sylvia said...

I miss you so much!!!!! Looks like Halloween was a great day for everyone!