Monday, September 15, 2008

Cy/Hawk party 2008

Tammy and Tara

Tammy, Me, Heather

Mark and Mom

Tara and Heather on the dance floor awaiting the band

This is the band my father-in-law hired out of Des Moines for his party at his house
we had around 200 people at this party.. my father-in-law is quite the entertainer. He planned this party 1 year ago, the celebration was just because... well once a year in the state of Iowa the two rivals play each other.. Hawks and cyclones. Our family is for the hawks.. I just married into this.. I wasn't a fan before. Anyways, Roger (my father- in-law) built a patio for the band but due to all the crazy weather rain... like 72 hrs straight, we had to have the band in his garage. We had fun listening to them, I had fun watching people. We had great food and fun with family and friends. I wasn't the big fan of the port a potties he had outside his house. One was for the hawk fans and the other for the cyclones fans. The only way u could use the indoor plumbing was if you were over 60 or expecting. I pretended to be pregnant so I could use the indoor bathroom, plus i am family. Roger always seems to have some type of party or planning some type of an event. I am hoping he will plan girlz nite out again 2009! If you missed the 6 course dinner this year.. you won't miss it if he does it again. I know I have had my doctor ask if she could come because she heard it was divine.

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Emily said...

Wow! That sounds like a fun party. I can't imagine planning something that big and elaborate. Any party involving port-a-pots is too big for me to plan! :-)