Friday, September 5, 2008

Soccer Mom

Okay I am a soccer Mom again this Fall, I'm no Sara Palin but I do try to be a good little family manager. Lindsey started soccer today in Hamilton, Illinois. We had the choice to go to daddy's game or go to soccer practice and DQ afterwards. Which to u think my kids picked.

So we picked soccer and DQ of course. We found 2 free coupons from Lindsey's birthday for the ice cream so that worked out perfect. I feel kinda bad not going to the game but drew has an ear infection and you know what it's sometimes just not fun doing the whole taking kids everywhere and making sure they don't get taken, hurt, oh they have to have snacks, drinks and make sure you go to the potty or change diapers all by myself mode. That is why I elected to not stress myself out with going everywhere and doing it all by going to the high school football game.

Ah I feel better.. thank you blog for allowing me to mom vent.


Emily said...

I hear ya! You vent anytime you need to. Hope soccer is fun!

Tyler said...

Tara! You're my first "follower"... Yeah! And, by the way, super cute blog. Those kids are ca-yute. cute!