Friday, September 12, 2008

Drew u are 2 big!

Drew loves to climb in the chair and watch Thomas

I love this one.. it captures what i get to see everyday... orneriness.

What a great week this has been, I really have had a great week. I've seen and feel like I have done a lot. I started a journal this week, not online but old fashioned binder. I'm already excited to see where this new journey for me is going to go. It's going to be an adventure and I am ready. I am learning and growing and it's only been since Monday.
I started something else this week also... swimming again. Okay, so i overdid it for my first time back in the pool since well the Olympics, even then i was just watching the pool. I am loving lap swim, they have these organized workouts that would take you all day if u complete the entire sheet. I've decided change is good. The only negative about lap swim is i leave the pool and for the rest of the day i have these circles around my eyes from my goggles.

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Emily said...

These are great pictures of Drew. I'm also impressed with your diligence to workout. I'm not that dedicated, but I have good intentions if that counts for anything! :-)