Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gotta love my girl

Lindsey sometimes just cracks me up. Today, I was enjoying my morning (by staying in bed under the covers) because it was absolutely freezing in my house. I was really enjoying the nice toasty covers. I hear the door open and Lindsey pops open and says "Mommy, how is your day so far?" Wow, I thought, what a way to start off the day. I usually start my day off by thinking of myself. Here my five year old is thinking first thing of me. I love that girl,even if it is only 7 a.m.

Thank you Lord for using my little girl to gently remind me that it's not about me today. Thank you for all those that have been such a blessing to me this week. I am so thankful. "I thank my God everytime I remember you"- Philippians 1:3


Debra said...

Kids are great teachers. Thanks for sharing you family.

Debra and Hope

Tara said...

Thanks Deb... I'm kinda turning my blog into writing/ somtimes pictures.... maybe a little of both.

Emily said...

That's a precious story! What a doll.