Thursday, October 2, 2008

A trip to the pumpkin patch

The corn pool was a big hit this year for Lindsey and cousin Hayden

Drew is loving cousin Nile on our wagon ride

This is the first year Drew has been able to walk in the corn, it is so deep and last year he was just walking . So cute to see him play in the corn!

Baby "cartin" as drew says for Carson

Drew, Hayden and Lindsey are ready to go pick pumpkins in the field

Hmmm, I think we went to the field with the biggest pumpkins.. next year let's go to the small pumpkin field

I found my pumpkin

I found mine too, and I can't believe my mom gave me the cutters

Gotta love time with our cousins. Lindsey and Drew had so much fun with their Campbell cousins. It was perfect weather and we were lucky to have a private wagon ride.. fun. I think we need to go back and play. Drew and Lindsey loved the play area.. I think Lindsey liked to just be off on her own and play with Hayden.. guess I have to let her grown up and have some independance.


Emily said...

I love fall pumpkin pictures almost better than anything! I guess it's a good memory for me as a child, so that's why I like them so much. Gonna be at church Sunday? We're coming for a visit. We can actually chat in person instead of over the computer!

Alisha said...

Oh, I can't wait to go to Kathy's now! Hopefully we can get some mom's together so we can take all the kids sometime, too! Hopefully we get better weather this year than we had last year. :-)

Joel and V said...

Hey Tara, so you have a blog too. Your pics are so fun. Looks like the kids had fun at Kathy's. This week has been so beautiful. Heard Drew visited Gavin today. Yeah!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow. See you Sunday! Will be fun having Emily play/sing with the praise team. She is so talented.