Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Reunion

Mom and Mark enjoying all the great food

Mom doing what she does best.. eat and cook!

Chad playing catch with the little people

This photo looks like Drew is really listening to Daddy! I thought it was cute.

Mark's family here

More Coovert family

This is Lizzie, she is my cousin Eric Dunlap's daughter. Lindsey had never met her until this day and they played all day. They were so cute holding hands everywhere they went. Most the day they would bounce from the park to Grandma's camper or Lizzie's camper. I never saw her, at one point I went to check on the girls at the park and I told Lindsey that Lizzie was her cousin. Lindsey was so excited.. she doesn't have any girl cousins (first cousins that is) Well, obviously Lizzie's is not a first cousin but Lindsey was so happy about her "new cousin" she was telling everyone at church Sunday. In fact a friend asked her to come over after church and Lindsey said no because she wanted to go see her new cousin at the camper.

Great Aunt Nancy and Drew

We brought out the bean bag game out.. it's always fun. Especially when you win.. I only won when Chad and I were not partners.


Joel and V said...

Looks like you had a fun reunion. It's fun to watch the kids play together. Was Drew trying to figure out how to play baggo? Ha. Like your Hawkeye baggo board. Very cool. Your board looks like it's made of wood. We have one we use at our orientation programs made out of durable plastic. It's much harder b/c the bags slide off the board but it sure looks nice. :-)

Emily said...

I love the picture of you and Drew. So cute. Is your cousin, Eric Dunlap, from Kahoka? There was a guy in Kahok with the same name. Just curious. I don't really enjoy family reunions, but it looks like yours was fun. We always have people show up that we have no idea who they are. No one our age ever shows up.

Tara said...

Yes my cousin is from kahoka. A true Missiourian!! lol

Runningmama said...

What a beautiful place for a family gathering. Your kids will have great memories!