Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taste and see Thursdays!

Today I am excited because it's Taste and see Thursdays. Why did I pick Thursday? Okay I'm glad you asked, I've always love thursday because like most people it's the day before the weekend, there usually is good t.v shows on this night and it's usually just a fun day. Okay so I havent' been watching t.v. lately.. I did watch s.v.u. the other day and I haven't watched anything and let me tell you it is still affecting me. Anyways, I'll just skip shows now until we get abc then bring on the shows for me. Plus I don't have time, with my full time job of kids, pretending to cook well, facebook and blogging and exersise there isn't too much time for t.v.

Okay sorry for my tangent.... let's get back to the good stuff here. I tried this delish delishious apple crisp the other day from my friend Jill. So this is funny as if you know her you know what I mean. I then rave to Jill how great her apple crisp is, she informs me it's a family recipe....
Me in all my questions (for those who know me I ask like 2.2 billion questions) anyway I ask her where she got it, if I can have it, I'm all about hearing stories. So Miss Jill then tells me she got it from her family cookbook which is poorly organized in a binder thing that she got for christmas. Okay people I then ask to see the binder. I then just tell Jill how it is (we have that relationship) I am kinda bold here, funny though. I say something like " Wow, that is so neat Jill, You need to appreciate this. I'd love to have one of these". Jill goes on to say something like " Oh I know but it's poorly organized", I then again state she needs to appreciate it. Anyways, in all good fun she cracks me up.
What I love about Jill is that she does not hold back, if she thinks something she will tell you HONESTLY. There is something very bold about her that I don't have. She is not a people pleaser and I think that's a good thing. Jill is very giving and always comes up with some fun kid activity all the time. Thanks for always organizing things and always including me and others in it. I'm always learning funny things from you. P.S. I think I might make a binder thing for a family gift sometime. Can you help Jill? tee hee hee

Jill's family Apple Crisp-

4 cups sliced apples
3/4 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup water
1/3 cup butter
Butter a 10x2x6 pan, place 4 cups of sliced apples in pan. Mix flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt, water and butter. Sprinkle mixture over apples. Cook at 350* for 40 minutes or until apples are done.


Disco Mom said...

Ditto on the apple crisp - it was "delish delicious"! And ditto on Jill. She has a way of telling it like it is without being offensive. She should run for office :)

Debra said...

Sounds good. Love the story that goes with it. I have tried to do the family cookbook for my kids. I want to give each of them the recipes from our home that I have made. I got a request the other day for two from Joel. I need to get on it.

Hugs and thanks for the recipe.