Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing with chalk water

Okay I have my pictures out of order.. first they played with chalk. This keep my little people very busy on a lazy Saturday. We really needed some fam time so this was one of the most relaxing Saturdays we have had in quite a while. Drew loved getting dowsed with water.

In your face kind of girl

I like my brother so much!

The kids were pretty excited that I let them play in the water and make a big mess. Clothes can wash and baths can be taken.... even if mr. drew just had one.

Drew's normal saturday gear (Hawkeye stuff) Go Hawks!

I love Saturdays... fun time with both my kids all day long!

Can't help but think of the song One Life To Love by 33 Miles. Gist of the song... you only get one shot at this. For me it's the mother thing.. always a encouragement to me. I do feel so blessed and definately feel like I've found my path these days.


Debra said...

What fun pictures. I love chalk and sidewalks. If there is chalk outside all my kids will use it.

I need to take pictures of some of the art work next summer. Our chalk has bit the dust, literally LOL

Hugs to you and thanks for the birthday congrats. I will pass them on to Rob.

Debra and Hope

Debra said...

oh and what are you doing up so late. I though I was the only who posts this late. LOL

Have a great week end

Debra and Hope

Alisha said...

THis is how I feel about the boys and playing in the dirt. I do not enjoy the cleanup, but it's worth it to see the smiles on their faces!

V said...

I love to see kids get dirty. There are so many kids that don't know what it's like to get dirty these days. Getting dirty means having fun. Yeah!!

Emily said...

Ditto to the above comments. Messes usually equal fun and smiles with kids.