Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

We Went to the chief football game Friday with Emma and the Campbell Crew

Here are my kids sitting still for a brief moment at the game. I love untraditional pics!

We are at the Labor Day parade.. waiting for candy.. Drew is eating goldfish

Morgan, Lindsey, Drew, Emma & Colin had lots of fun at the parade and I think Morgans mom and my mom had fun getting candy with the kids more than the kids did!

Well it was way hot at the parade, thankyou for Wal-mart for handing out pop... it was cold and yummy and free!

We had such a busy weekend, with Chad's game Friday, I can actually take two kids to the game that walk and handle it. Last year Mr. Drew was not real mobile yet, he would just sit and not really move, not because he couldn't walk it's just he wasn't really curious about the whole stands, and that you could move about. This year is different, and once again I am trying to keep my sanity.. I am crazy. Saturday we went to friends for dinner, Sunday Church and Lindsey and I went camping in my mom's camper. That is if you call it camping, we only watched a barbie movie in it and went to sleep, we did roast marshmallows and made a smore. Lindsey was so funny as she first wanted to eat something healthy before the junk... so we went to hy-vee and bought some peaches and nectarines and had one they a smore. Her dad was proud! That takes us to Monday... parade, cookout and swimming at grandma and pa's. I know there are about 100 other things I could elaborate on but I am the queen of run on sentences and going on and on. So for now I will say goodbye!


Heather said...

Yay! Great pictures. You'll have to e-mail me those so I can print them off. I had such a great weekend with you guys!

Emily said...

A girls only camp-out sounds fun, especially if it doesn't involve a tent. :-)