Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am ready for what's next

Okay I am so ready for Fall. I want to make chili that is spicy and go to the pumpkin patch and all the fun Fall festivities. I look forward to the cool weather.. jeans, sweatshirts and letting the kids run and jump in leaves. Although, I think my whole life I'm looking forward to what's next.
Let me expand on that thought.. we do that at dinner. Let's just say you go to friends house for a dinner ( no pressure heather). Well, you eat your dinner and you always look forward to what's next that you saved you fork for. Well of course, it's dessert. Life is kinda like that for me right now, yet I don't want it to just pass me by either.
What's next for us right now is Lindsey in Kindergarten, getting in a routine and realizing you can't go back to the long days at home or preschool. I always like to reminisce on the past, yet look forward to the future.
I'm not as bad as my husband, Chad. He always loves to get together with his classmates and talk about the class of 89' (ouch chad) and how they won state champs in 88 in baseball. It's funny because they make no memories presently together..they only have their past. That brings me to my favorite quote by Rick Warren " your past does not determine your future" In his book Purpose Driven Life, he really makes that clear that you are not a product of your past. How refreshing!
I don't know why it's hard for me to say by to Summer and Fall. I love to say bye to Winter and Spring. I think it's fun to look forward to fun things, that's kinda what God intends for us. "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"- 2Peter 3:18
Change in my view is usually growth in some area of my life, it's not always fun, their is sometimes a pruning of the branches to remove some bad growth or the refining process in the hot fire.

I am trying.. day by day looking for guidance and looking forward to what's next.

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Emily said...

Good thoughts, Tara.