Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feed the Geese Day!

This one looks like it's about to hiss at me

Drew loves to feed the Ducks

Drew and I decided to go down by Mississippi and chase them..

After preschool, I got roped into feeding the ducks. I casually told drew before his 2 year old class that we may go feed the ducks. He has a great memory already, he remembered when i picked him up from school. I asked him after school (which is one day a week for 2 hrs)if he wanted to go home and eat, that's when his sharp memory kicked in. "Duck food" he remembered and said we had to get duck food... so we went to Walgreen's and bought cookies for the ducks. This was his first experience outside of the van, usually he only feeds them from his car seat. How fun it was.. we then had fun chasing them back to the river.

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Emily said...

What fun! We love to feed the ducks/geese too. They can get a little intimidating at times.