Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggstravaganza Party at Church!

The first friday in April we had a Miss Patty Cake party at church. Miss Patty is a cute video that we have. In the video she teaches kids the story of Jesus' last week as you open up plastic eggs. We made our own eggs like the video, had a snack and a little egg hunt in the church. This was a party for pre-schoolers, Lindsey was able to go as Drew is almost a pre-schooler and I planned the party with Dawn so both were able to go.

Emma and Lindsey

Some of the kids posing for the camera.

My friend Heather and Emma

Collin and his dad who wanted to be on my blog. There you go Matt!

My little peeps!

Lisa, Zack and Bethany!

My friend Jill and Brandon

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