Sunday, April 12, 2009

My running partner!

A couple of weeks ago Lindsey and I went for a quick little jog, bless her little heart it was freezing and she was bound and determined to go. She had all the cool gear thanks to Santa Gpa Campbell and we ran. I attempted to teach her to not go so fast at the beginning and be worn out. Guess we will work on that one. We did accomplish a 1/2 mile. She then wanted to get out her bike and ride so went went farther. On the run I had one of those treasured "Mary moments".
Lindsey likes to be ahead of me so I was doing the encouraging thing to her saying stuff like " Good Job Lindsey" to keep her from stopping and saying she's tired/cold. She then glanced back at me and said in her sweet 6 year old voice, " Your doing a good job too, Mom". You just had to be there, it was so sincere and captured my heart. I think I could of ran for miles after that encouragement.

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