Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I'm thankful for

I am thankful for:

1. Healthy children

2. Quiet alone time

3. Running time

4. Lots of little people running like crazy in my house, I've been babysitting this week.

5. Prayer time with friends once a week and our tea time as well. See #13

6. Getting meals planned, groceries bought for the week, laundry done..... looking forward to rest tomorrow a wonderful day without the focus on work but on the kids and family time.

7. A fun preschool party at church and the cool craft my kids love.

8. My retired neighbors returning from their winter away.

9. For having fun with the kids through some crafts, making pizza, no bake cheesecake... so much fun to truly enjoy the kiddos, even if the end result is not pretty. It is beautiful in their little eyes and so much value in that.

10. For doing the right thing, for standing up for what you believe and doing what you are suppose to be doing. Even if everyone else is doing something different.

11. For Lindsey and I running together, she is such an encourager. It's fun to see what an influence our family and friends have on her.

12. I'm thankful for Easter and for Jesus. I'm thankful that we can spend time together as a family and enjoy some rest and relaxation this week. Only 3 days of school... Yeah!!!!

13 I'm thankful for hot tea. I have found it is so relaxing and look forward to my quiet time and some tea. Not everyday.... as I love the sugar in it and don't always need sugar.

14. I'm thankful that my friend Katie blessed me with a cool sea shell from the beach, some yummy salt water taffy ( I'm still jealous you went there on spring break) and for sending Drew's bubba blankie back to us.

Have a great Easter Vacation!


Jill said...

So I am so jealous of #6. I can't even see the light through all the laundry or the messy house. Amen for #10, it is tough being the only one in the crowd who does the right thing.
Brandon loves running with me as well and he always makes it more fun! Thanks for taking such great care of my kids! They love you and so do I!

Debra said...

I love your thankful lists. I need to post mine because I need to be thankful. Thanks for the great reminders.