Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things I miss

I miss.....

1. The sound of crickets on a cool summer evening, windows open of course

2. Clothes that don't have stains on them or clothes that are in style

3. Riding my bicycle downhill

4. Friends who have moved away

5. Alone time in the bathroom (w/o toddlers)

6. Family members that have passed on to heaven

7. Nursing a baby ( crazy I know)

8. feeling like I have it together

9. Swimming laps

10. Time to sit around and watch movies/ shows and not feel guilty that I'm not doing something.

11. Real pictures, not just on my digital camera

12. watering my flowers enjoying them

I think all my things I miss have to do with summer. I love spring and look forward to summer and enjoying all the things I miss.

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