Friday, March 27, 2009

The Campbell Crew!

They really wanted their picture taken with the pine cones.

Lindsey and Drew posing in the cold without coats on!

I love it that Lindsey is still such a cuddlier, I think Chad does too.

Okay I love this picture of Drew, it kinda shows his little personality. I also love that my husband is always so funny in his pictures. He really has a hard time with pictures, even when he's trying. BTW- I really wasn't trying to have us all match, I just wanted to wear my new shirt, and then it happened that Lindsey would wear blue and I thought why not drew too. Now with Chad, that was just what he wore as he is low on the dress clothes. So I did kinda match the kids and I, but not Chad. It all worked out though and looks pretty cute!

Awwww my sweet lil peep!

Not sure, but the Lindsey was wanting to pose for the camera, Drew is all messing from who knows what and I'm just enjoying them at Grandpa's house.

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Emily said...

Wow! Your kids are getting so big. I haven't been good at reading any blogs lately. Seems like there has just been too much going on, so it was good to go back and read what you have been doing. Your blog is always very encouraging and makes me smile. Have a great weekend!