Monday, March 23, 2009

My new song

Oh Lord to you
We will seek you first Lord, you will hear our voices,
early in the morning and late in the night.
We will sing your praises, giving you the glory,
offering our lives to you a holy sacrifice.
May our praise arise like incense, oh Lord to you.
May our worship be a fragrance, oh Lord to you.
I have found myself thinking about this song, and now I have come to enjoy it. It is very dear to me right now. I'm not sure who the artist is, all I know is that it's on my list of songs I Iisten when I go run. The words are so powerful and to the point.
I will now make it my prayer, that I will seek You first early in the morning ( yes, even now as I start my early morning workout routine again) and that at night you are on my heart. I absolutely love the part in the song where the great crescendo build up is for these words "offering our lives to you a holy sacrifice"--- ooooh I love it, love the whole O.T. background.
I am thankful for sweet reminders in a song that echos my desires to live as your chosen people, holy and devoted to you. I'm excited to be a small part in your big puzzle. Make my life count for something, with my children and with all whom I associate with. Each day is such a gift, I pray I use each gift wisely for you Lord.
Much love,

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